The following documents are requested from you

Upload a colored copy of any government-authorized document, such as a passport, ID card, or a driving license. It should be valid, and not near expiry, show a clear photo and signature, without any cut-off edges.

Upload a colored copy of a document that shows your name and also includes your address, such as a utility bill like electric, water or gas, or a bank statement. You should make sure they have been issued in the last three months.

Depositing with a credit card means you have to provide a colored copy of the front and back of the card before it can be used for withdrawal. This is a one-time requirement for one card, but will be needed in case you opt for a different card.

When you submit a colored copy of the front, conceal the eight numbers in the middle and only show the first and the last four numbers of the card. As for the back, the CVV2 number (the 3-digit code) has to be hidden, but the signature strip should be clearly visible.

The process of submitting the documents is very straightforward, as you can upload them without any hassle via the cashier. If you change your credit card, decide to use a new payment method, or change any of your personal data, such as your address, or name, additional documents may have to be uploaded. Otherwise, you can withdraw as per your convenience.

Document verification usually takes less than 12 hours. More time may be required in case of additional verification. You can get in touch with customer support, if you don’t receive a response in 48 hours.