The use of the terms, such as the website, the trading platform, us, we, and our, are a reference to brokerappfx. This rule will stay consistent throughout the policy. By continuing to use our website, you give your consent to the policies stated on this page. The same conditions apply, in addition to any other supplementary agreement terms, to your use of our applications, trading tools, information, courses, etc.

We are not obligated by law to send you a notification while making amendments to the policies on this page. With time, we will make changes and it is required from you to keep visiting this page time and time again to know the latest and most updated terms and conditions. Any additional agreements that you reach with us while signing up with other services and in addition to the terms and conditions on this page are only a supplementation to these terms and conditions. Neither do those agreements nullify these terms and conditions nor these terms and conditions nullify those agreements.

Legal Status of Trading and User Responsibility

By agreeing to sign up with our services, it is assumed and believed that you have read all the terms and conditions, and privacy policies. It is also believed and assumed that you fully understand the risks associated with using our services from your region. Certain regions might not consider the trading services provided by us as legal or legitimate. You must guarantee fairness and not trade on our platform if you are from those regions. If you are aware of the legal status of our services, and you understand they are not allowed, but you continue to use our website, you can be held accountable in the court of law by your local law enforcement agencies.

Professional Consultation and Advice

You are not to take any piece of information provided to you on this website or through any component of our services to be legal advice or professional consultation. The motive of this information in any shape or form and through any platform or channel is only your awareness as a trader.

Copyright Policy

The information on this website, either intended for traders or for marketing, decoration, branding, informational, etc. purposes is copyrighted and protected through intellectual rights by brokerappfx. You are not allowed to use this data on your website or any other platform without the permission of brokerappfx. You can use the information by crediting us for its provision. You can credit brokerappfx for the provision of information by using its logo on your data, quoting us as the source, or credit us for the information directly.

Information Access

Your access and use of our information, website, applications, platforms, tools, etc. from a region where our services are not legally allowed give us the permission to completely or partially block your access to those information.

Partner, Affiliate and Third-party Information

The completion of brokerappfx’s services is only possible through the provision of various pieces of data, tools, softwares, applications, etc. from its affiliates, partners, and third parties. Any piece of information available on these applications, tools, platforms, websites, etc. from our partners, affiliates, and third parties will be considered informational only. You will not use this data as professional advice or professional consultation, and not hold us or third parties, partners, or affiliates accountable for the damage resulting from your use of those applications, tools, platforms, information, etc.

Despite the best efforts that we put into keeping our information accurate and up-to-date, certain discrepancies may be found in it time to time. The same applies to the data and information you get from our partners, affiliates, and other authorized third parties. We do not “guarantee’ the correctness of this data and will not be held accountable if you incur losses due to its use.

Third-Party Links

On certain occasions, we might use third-party links on our applications, software tools, platforms, website, etc. to help you with your queries and requirements. By clicking on those links, you relieve us from the responsibility of being held accountable for their correctness, aptness, or legality.

No Warranties

Our services are rendered to traders through tools, information, platforms, and other uses of technology. The trades executed by traders, investments made by investors, etc. are their own decisions. They own these decisions and the complete power to undertake or reverse them. We will not guarantee any specific results from the use our services in any shape or form. No promises or similar statements that you find on the website have been put there with intent. If you find any such promises, warranties or guaranties, you will inform us. If you have taken certain decisions based on those promises and ended up with losses, you will not be authorized to hold us legally responsible for your losses.

brokerappfx’s Immunity

You will take all the decisions based on the information on our platforms, softwares, applications, website, etc. solely at your own discretion. Your use of our platform and the entirety or only a certain part of the services does not classify us as responsible parties for the consequences you face as a result of these services. Any damages or losses you incur as a result of these services will be solely your responsibility.

Sensitive Information and Password Protection

You take the responsibility of protecting your passwords. brokerappfx does not share your passwords but does recognize your sensitive data as yours, as provided by you. We do not take the responsibility of identifying a fake or illegitimate use of your passwords and other sensitive data on the website. Any person or entity in possession of your passwords and personal and sensitive data may have access to your online account, without us being held responsible legally for giving access to that person or entity.

Understanding the Service-related Risks

By reading these terms and conditions or using the website, you agree that you are well aware of the risks that you are exposed to while using our services and trading on our trading platform.

Termination of User Contract

If brokerappfx discovers any unfair use of the platform, illegitimate actions performed by you or violation of the policies, it has the complete right to block your access to the platform or partially disable certain features.