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Here are the four most important things that you will need to understand to start your trading career.

A Trading Account

This is the trading account that you have to open with an online broker. In this particular instance, you have to open that account with brokerappfx. You have to fill this account with the money that you want to use for trading.

A Broker

We are a broker. We are an entity that can provide you with not only the trading platform but all the other amazing tools that you will need while trading. The fees that we charge for our services are very negligible.

A Trading Platform

Once you have chosen to sign up with us and also picked a trading account from the list, you are now on our trading platform. This trading platform is the place where you will trade all the assets. It gives you access to all the financial markets and tools you need while trading.

Leverage and Spread

These are the first concepts you have to understand when working with an online broker like brokerappfx. Leverage is the contribution that comes from us to you for allowing you to enter a big trade. Spread is the difference in the buying and selling price of the asset that allows us to make money for our services.