/ Protection of Funds /

When you sign up with us and open a trading account, you have to make a deposit. This is the minimum deposit that you have to make to activate your account and enter the trades for which you have joined our platform. Now, it is important that you realize how we protect your funds when you deposit them with us.

Complying with the standards of the industry, we make sure that every penny that you deposit in your account goes into an account labeled only for you. This is an account that we have at the bank only for the funds that are deposited by our traders. In other words, we will not mix the money you deposit in your account with our own money. It’s your money, it belongs to you , and it rests in an account that’s only for traders.

More importantly, for the protection of your funds and peace of mind, we have our account only at the most recognized banks. These banks are regulated and recognized all over the world for their services. So, you can always rest assured when you sign up with us, open a trading account, and deposit funds in your account.