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The privacy policy on this page controls the recording, gathering, use, and sharing of your data with its partners, affiliates, and other third parties which may at times, or time to time, approach brokerappfx for obtaining customer information.

Read the privacy policy, henceforth the policy, thoroughly and understand the handling of your information by brokerappfx once you have given the consent to share it. brokerappfx will refer to itself in the policy as the company, we, us, our, the website, and the platform.

The data we collect from our customers is of utmost importance not only for our services but in terms of the protection of the privacy of the customer. We take the best measures to keep our customers’ privacy intact and informing them of any instances of sharing of the information through this policy.

If you agree to sign up with the company and take advantage of the trading services, it is required of you to submit your personal and banking information. This information may include your personal identification number, bank account number, debit/credit card number, physical address information, utility bill copies, etc. in addition to any other piece of data which might help the company in identifying you as a legitimate trader.

It is not possible for our traders to sign up on our trading platform unless they disseminate this information accurately through one of the methods that are allowed and accepted by us. These methods include the forms on the website, the company’s official email address, or through a phone call on the phone number stated on the website.

The improvement of performance and addition to the personalization of our services for our customers is of utmost importance to us. To achieve those goals, we place a file, called a cookie, on your computer when you access our website. The information collected through a cookie is used by us in the future for your identification and to ensure the personalization of services exactly according to your needs.

Do understand that you have the full right to refuse from sharing this type of information or completely refusing from the placement of the cookie file on your computer if you wish to. Such an act, however, can affect your overall experience on the website.

The provision of only high-quality services to you through our applications, trading platforms, trading tools, softwares, etc. demands the use of various third-party services. These third parties can be our partners, affiliates, or any other parties that we have agreed with for the provision of certain tools and services.

Such partners, affiliates, and authorized third parties may have access to your personal information under the effect of this privacy policy. Certain government institutes and law enforcement agencies may also approach us at times for inquiry into the information of one or more customers. The law, in such an instance, binds us to disclose the information of our customers to such institutions and agencies when they require.

Despite the best efforts we take to strengthen our security, the nature of the communication and connectivity on the internet can result in the leak, compromise, or breach of your data. You agree through this policy that you will not hold us accountable for such instances that occur despite our best efforts to thwart them.

You agree with the help of this privacy policy that you will inform us as soon as you any piece of data that you provide to us at the time of signup changes. You can ask us to remove some data, improve certain piece of data, or modify the information in your records.

Privacy Terms Entailing the Use of Mobile Application

It is compulsory for you to download our platform on your phone before you use it. The following policies govern your use of the application and the access rights that are provided to us as your agreement to the use of our mobile application.

After the installation of the app on your device, brokerappfx will use a unique identifier to collect data from your device. This data is collected to provision your uninterrupted use of the application and the improvement of our services.

The sole method of having the unique identifier removed from your mobile device is the uninstallation of the application from it.

Once you have downloaded the trading or any other application from brokerappfx, you will agree to the following

  • That we can gather information about the connectivity of your internet
  • That we can get access to your microphone
  • That we have the permission to access your gallery to allow you to use images on your profile
  • That we can run specific functions in the background even when you are not actively using the application
  • The memory or storage of your device for allowing us to store the data collected by our app and the data you upload

It is highly appreciable to let the application access all of these operations and functionalities for you to be able to use the application without interruptions.

Your disagreement to the use of our application and any other policies pertaining to its use is guaranteed by your uninstallation of the application from your device. Do keep in mind that the data we collect is only for enhancing the customer experience and providing you with the best service.

Any disagreement with this privacy policy would mean that you are not allowed to use our website, applications, trading platforms, or any other associated services that we directly provide or we indirectly provide from our affiliates and partners. Please uninstall our trading application if you are not in agreement to the clauses stated in this privacy policy.

With the passage of time, brokerappfx will continue to modify, enhance, remove, and edit certain clauses and parts of this policy. We are not legally bound to inform you beforehand about these changes. Please continue to visit this page to know the updated privacy policy from brokerappfx.