/ Leverage and Margin Requirements /

At brokerappfx, we like to make things easy for our traders no matter what. We do our best to make our policies easy to follow and procedures easy to complete. When you sign up with us, you can take advantage of leverages. These leverages are provided to you on your trades to allow you to control bigger trades than are possible with the money in your account.

When you sign up with us, the leverage you get depends on the type of account you choose.

Furthermore, we have kept our margin requirements extremely low to facilitate you with your trades. Margin requirement dictates the amount of money that you have to have in your account before you enter a trade. Whether you want to trade with leverage or without leverage, there is a certain amount that you must maintain in your account.

To give you access to the best assets and allow you to trade the way you want, we have kept our margin requirements extremely low. When you are with us, you can trade with freedom and enjoy big profits on your trades. For further information, you can call our customer support and get answers to your questions.