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brokerappfx provides you with its trading services at a cost that you can easily afford. It does not matter whether you have been trading for many years or it is your first time trading. We will make trading easy for you by keeping things as affordable as possible. There are certain instances when you have to pay us a commission. We like to keep it clear and transparent and make sure the commissions as low as possible for you.

While Trading

There are commissions when you trade. The amount of commission is either a percentage of your trade size or a fixed percentage. Again, we try to keep it as low as possible for your benefit.

While Depositing and Withdrawing

There are commissions that you have to pay while depositing money in your account or withdrawing funds from your trading account. This is usually a small fee that is fixed. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any such commission on the first deposit or withdrawal of the month.

If you see a small fee or any charges appearing on your account on your first withdrawal or deposit, you can be sure that they are from your bank.