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A Philosophy That Favors Traders

brokerappfx has always stood for its traders. That was the idea behind starting this brokerage in the first place. If you are here, it is because we were in your position at some point in time. We have been in your shoes so we know what challenges you are facing day in day out as a trader. We fully understand the dynamics of the industry and believe that we can provide you with a safe trading platform where you can prosper as a trader and achieve the financial goals that you had always set for yourself.

Our philosophy revolves around the fact that every trader in the world should have equal opportunity and the best resources available for trading successfully. At the same time, we believe that trading is one of the most straightforward ways of making money and as a broker, we should keep it that way. When we were traders like you, we always saw that a lot of online companies made this whole exercise quite difficult. However, we have done all that was in our reach and put in our best efforts to provide you with a trading platform where you can discover your trading potentials and become a successful trader.


To continue to provide trader-friendly trading services on a high-end trading platform integrated with modern features.


To become a trading platform that is a preferred choice for traders from around the world for all their fair trading needs. To be a platform that equally benefits new, experienced, modern, and traditional traders with the features that make trading a lucrative exercise for them.

We believe providing great trading services is not possible in the modern world until we embrace the modern technology. Whether it is the trading platform you use for trading or the trading tools you need while trading, we provide you with the best of everything out there. Our platform comes equipped with some really advanced features that help you minimize your risks while trading while opening doors to maximum profits on every trade you pull off. At the same time, you can automate a great part of your trading activity with our system.

brokerappfx is always making efforts to facilitate you as a trader with high-end tools and high-tech features. From the advanced charts and graphs to modern ways of acquiring trading education, you will not get anything other than the best when you sign up with us.

Security is a priority for us and that’s what we like to deliver to our traders as well. Right from the moment you sign up with us, we provide you with features and a platform where you can trade with peace of mind. The information you provide us with is encrypted right from the start. At the same time, the money you deposit in your trading account goes into safe and recognized banks with proper regulation in place only to give you a sense of security.

With the adherence of KYC and AML policy, we make sure our platform is used by only legitimate traders for fair trading. This level of security is maintained for the life of every trader on our trading platform. From the day you sign up with us to the last day on our platform, you will never see us becoming weak in terms of our security.

While other online platforms keep talking about facilitating new traders, it seems they don’t understand the importance of allowing their traders to trade in many financial markets. You have companies giving you access to only one market and many assets within them. However, we like to go the extra mile and offer you assets in many financial markets. Whether you are interested in trading the energies of the world or the precious metals that are always performing well in the markets, you are okay with us on our trading platform.

You can also trade stocks, forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and much more when you are with us. This allows you to pick a market you like and if you are an experienced trader, you can diversify your portfolio to distribute your risks.

What we would like you to know specifically about our services is the facilitation we offer you in the form of making things easy for you as a trader. From large leverages and low margin requirements to trading accounts that suit all types of traders, we provide you with the facilitation that you deserve as a trader. We let you open an account with a small amount so even if you are a student, you are in a strong position to start your trading career.

Last but not least, we have compiled a huge repository of trading courses and materials that you are going to use if you want to learn trading before you start. This will put you on track to achieving your goals after you sign up with us. It will also allow you to start out with even a small amount. With our basic accounts, even the first timers will have no issue starting their trading careers. For experienced traders, we have just the right accounts to keep them busy and growing even further to become true professionals at trading

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